Birthday party in July 2019


A season of scorching sun
A month full of passion and sunshine

July birthday
Growing up unexpectedly
Birthday party as scheduled
We remember your exclusive day

Exclusive gift

General Manager Guo Shaoqin lights candles full of blessings for birthdays

Birthday stars come to the cake to make a wish

The faces bloomed with happy smiles in mutual blessings
Interactive game
Live laughter
Overflowing with warmth and harmony
In an active and relaxed atmosphere

Double skipping

Double tie feet

Wei Dequan, General Manager of Precision Division, and Xie Qiuxing, Purchasing Director
Draw out the lucky birthday stars in July

Happy hour
Always short
But good memories
Will keep forever
Let us record this beautiful moment together
Happy end group photo! !
The days to come
Let us go hand in hand
Work together
In the days of struggle
Create a better future
Family members of Fortko
happy Birthday
Let us look forward to the next birthday together

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