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FOCtek conducts training on "improvement of basic management skills"


    The team of an enterprise is the most basic and important, just like the cells of an enterprise. They are responsible for the production of products, quality assurance and the management of grassroots employees. Therefore, the management level of the enterprise team will directly affect the development of the enterprise. In order to better improve the work management skills and work coordination skills of FOCtek's grassroots management staff, the company specially invites professional management training instructors to conduct "primary management skills improvement" training for each team from 6.18 to 6.19.

    This training course uses video teaching materials, game interaction and other methods, ingeniously combined with actual cases of FOCtek photoelectric's daily management of grassroots managers, so that each team can flexibly master the skills of enterprise grassroots management and work coordination points in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. It has given great help and enlightenment to FOCtek's grassroots managers in the future management.

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