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Team building activities | Youth has no limits, we are different


hard work
Make it hard for everyone to have time
Team building allows everyone to improve the team
  Cohesion, centripetal force!
If people's hearts are together, the mountains will move
Work together, one mind

November 30, December 1
FOCtek lens division travels lightly
Go to Yunqipanzhai for a winter date
Break the ice team building

The smelting team wins in execution


Today's mood: sunny 



Team style
Use both hands and feet,
Bouncing ball

World ball

Offensive and defensive arrows
Ancient times
Long-range weapons only have bows and arrows
Even the emperor had to practice arrow
Do you think
Take the arrow yourself
With a bit of royal temperament~

Archaeological expert 


Today's mood: sunny



Lost jungle

Who is the final winner
Stupidly confused~O(∩_∩)O~

The tacit understanding cultivated at work
Let the friends do well in the game
Everyone works together
Face all the difficulties
The game is small
However, the joy is overflowing on the face~
Happy end group photo~

Smelt the team, win in execution
Beyond dreams, unstoppable 
Look forward to 
  In the future 
    Everyone can work together


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