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The company held two days, one night and a half militarized training activities for executives


..::: The training of basic-level supervisors' management executive ability was held on July 28, 2007 at Minhou Jinshuihu Resort :::..

    At 8:30 am on July 28, 2007, at the Jinshui Lake Resort in Minhou, a beautiful place with beautiful scenery and golden mountains, clear waters, the company kicked off a two-day, one-night and a half militarized training activity for the basic-level and above executives.

    This time, the company specially hired the "Borg (China) Management Consulting Company" who is experienced in the implementation of external training for enterprises to carry out special training for the management cadres at the grassroots level and above, aiming to improve the management execution ability of the management cadres and help the company Create an efficient team with smooth communication and collaboration from top to bottom and work together.

    The intensive training is conducted in the form of "military training + classroom teaching + interactive games", and every trainee is required to abide by iron discipline, and there must be no slack. Throughout the training process, every military training made everyone pay more attention to discipline, every lecture allowed everyone to learn fresh management knowledge, and every interactive game shocked everyone's soul. During the activity, when everyone laughed in unison, and when they cried bitterly, they were intimate with each other and moved forward and retreated together.

Happy articles
Game name: "Escape the Concentration Camp"


    As you can see, everyone must pass through the "hole" in mid-air that is less than 0.5 meters long and less than 0.5 meters wide. Obviously, the task cannot be completed by one person's own strength, and the task can be successfully completed only by the cooperation of the team. Everyone has worked hard, divided labor, and encouraged each other, and never gave up. When the last person passed successfully, the audience cheered.

Sad articles
Game name: We are one person
Lens: We are one person

    After self-recommendation and everyone's voting, the team produced two leaders, a man and a woman, to lead the entire team to complete the task. However, if the team does not complete the task, the leader will take full responsibility and accept severe punishment. In the first round, everyone didn't care and didn't enter the state at all, so the task was naturally not completed. The leaders accept punishment. In the second round, the challenge was even more arduous. Everyone still did not find the right method, even less confident, and the challenge still failed. The leaders accept harsher punishments. In the third round, the arduousness of challenging the goal is still deepening, but the correct method is still not found. Everyone blames each other, and there is still no sense of "we are one person". Challenge or failure. The punishment for the leaders continues to increase. The harsh punishment was going on, watching the leaders endure such cruel punishment for everyone's fault, enduring such a big grievance, everyone's heart was shocked, they all shed sad tears, and corrected their attitude. Unite as one, thinking that we are one person, an individual, everyone is fully committed, everyone finally successfully challenged the goal and completed the task. Success belongs to everyone.

The end
   Best team
    After rounds of competitions, the best team was born. Everyone is filled with happy smiles. Victory belongs to everyone in the team.
    Excellent team member
    After the selection of the members of each group, the outstanding members of each group were born. The hard work has been recognized by everyone, and I believe there is nothing more exciting than this.
    group photo


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