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FOCtek Optoelectronics 6th Anniversary Event



FOCtek Optoelectronics 6th Anniversary Factory Celebration Report

    Time flies, and on November 18th of the year, we celebrate FOCtek's 6th birthday. Looking back, these 6 years have been 6 years of development, 6 years of bumper harvest, and 6 years that we are proud of. The scale of the company is expanding, the benefits are rising, and the welfare is improving... It can be said that the efforts of all the employees of the company have brought today's beauty. Listen, FOCtek's progress continues, and she will have more brilliant achievements in the coming year.

    We held a variety of activities to celebrate the company's 6th birthday.

    Activity 1: Fixed-point shooting

    Each group sent 6 people (3 men and 3 women) to participate, and the total number of basketball shots made by each group of participants was used to determine the winner. Although this activity requires some basketball skills, many female players also do not shame and perform perfectly.

    Activity 2: Step on the balloon

    Each group of participants has a string of balloons tied to their feet. During the competition, participants must not only step on the balloons on others' feet, but also protect the balloons on their feet from being trampled by others. In the end, the winner is judged by the number of balloons left on each person's feet. Each participant was both offensive and defensive, and was very busy. There were endless exclamations and laughter throughout the arena.


    Activity 3: Transporting water on pallets

    Each team consists of two players. During the game, tie the two adjacent legs of the two players together and ask them to carry a tray to transport water to the finish line. In the end, the winner is judged by the amount of water transported in each group within the specified time. In the beginning, each team spilled a lot of water during the transportation process, but as the cooperation and understanding continued to improve, the transportation speed of each team was accelerating, and their respective cheerleaders were also cheering for them.


    Activity 4: Take a balloon

    Each participating team consists of 3 people (2 males, 1 female). Gay men are responsible for blowing balloons, while lesbians are responsible for blowing up their big balloons. In the end, winning or losing is determined by the number of balloons. I saw the gay men blowing into the balloon with cheeks full, and the lesbian quickly popped the balloon. The sound of balloon bursting on the field one after another, it was very lively, and the onlookers laughed and hurt their stomachs. 

    Activity 5: Tug of War

    Each group selects 10 personnel (5 male and female) to participate, and the winner will be determined by 3 rounds and 2 wins. Participants struggled with ropes in their hands, and the cheerleaders shouted "Come on". The cheers of the team members who won the final victory resounded throughout the park.


    Activity 6: Dinner

    After working hard for another year, we will have a "reunion dinner" together to treat ourselves. Everyone laughed, talked about this, relaxed, and increased their feelings. The arrival of the lucky draw pushed the atmosphere of the dinner to a climax. The employees who won the prize were happily closed and drank a bottle of happy wine at the unanimous request of everyone.
Shot 1: Leader's speech
Shot 2: Lottery
Shot 3: Cheers
    All the activities are over, everyone has their own gains and returned with a rewarding experience. Tomorrow will be put into intense work again, let's cheer together, today next year, the company will bring you even greater surprises.


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