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Fuzhou FOCtek Optoelectronics 5th Anniversary-Sports


 Fuzhou FOCtek Optoelectronics 5th Anniversary-Sports

    The autumn breeze is cool, and the sweet-scented osmanthus fragrance. The bright sunshine gently soothes the earth, and the gentle breeze blows everything in the world. We ushered in the fifth anniversary of the establishment of FOCtek.

    "Unity, hard work, truth-seeking, innovation", everyone in the arena is like a wild horse that has just run out, and every cell in the body is also rushing, clamoring and cheering, eager to do it in this hot and vast arena Shows youthful qualities. Sweeping through yesterday’s fatigue, outside of work, in the sports field, our hearts are even closer!

    We took this wonderful scene:
Shot 1: Basketball game
    The basketball court exudes passion and vitality, and they become the focus of everyone's attention. Skilled dribbling, wonderful passing, the boys touch the basketball, and are in a tacit understanding with their old friends, playing a few beautiful blue shots from time to time. The lesbians on the field were not to be outdone, put aside their former restraint and shyness, and worked hard to contribute to their team, so a wonderful scene came out.
Shot 2: Collective rope skipping
    Collective rope skipping is a teamwork and coordination work. With the referee's whistle, the four comrades on the field jumped rhythmically along with the other two vigorously throwing the rope. They are as light as swallows, and the people outside the court help out the counting loudly

Shot 3: Working together

    The legs of two people next to each other are tied together, so each person will lose one foot. This is a team activity that relies entirely on mutual collaboration. In order to reach their destination, the contestants must keep pace, because any member who is one beat slower or one beat faster will directly affect the forward speed of the entire team. With the slogan of "one two, one two" and neat With the sound of footsteps, we know that it is not difficult for us FOCtek people.
Shot 4: Table Tennis

Shot 5: Rolling tires
Shot 6: Badminton 
Shot 7: Tug of War
    This is a collective activity project that also requires team spirit, and it is also the finale of our activity. "Try to put your body under pressure" "Foot against your feet" "We chant slogans, and you work hard together according to our slogans" ------Comrades who are not on the field seem to be more nervous than anyone else. They are busy teaching experience, for fear of missing it. This good show. The whistle sounded, and all eyes were on the vacillating red midline at the center.
    In this boiling arena, everyone ran, jumped, and shouted happily. Here, there is no lonely person, because everyone's heart is firmly tied to each other; here, there is no loser, everyone is a successful person. It is the sports meeting that brings our hearts closer; it is the sports meeting that connects our dreams together; it is FOCtek that makes us more united. Good job, comrades! Let us look forward to this moment next year.
Fuzhou FOCtek Optoelectronics 5th Anniversary-Banquet
Shot 1: Lunch
Shot 2: Dinner


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