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Talk about surveillance camera to challenge the aspheric technology


    In the video surveillance system, it is difficult for anyone to be interested in the lens. The small accessory only needs to play its supporting role and select a suitable mm number according to the actual environment. What sphere, aspheric surface, million HD and STANDARD definition are all floating clouds. Today we will talk about this big supporting role, to see what it has real ability.

    The technical challenges of surveillance cameras

    Obviously, edge sharpness plays a decisive role in aspheric lens surveillance. Aspheric lenses can effectively supplement the light at the edges, and spherical surfaces can largely avoid blurring. But very few manufacturers use and produce small focal length lenses. In order to realize the edge of aspheric lens, the glass must be ground carefully, which is the biggest problem facing the monitoring lens and even the lens due to its material particularity.

    Even though aspheric lens can effectively supplement the light source, grinding technology is still a technical problem. Mass-produced aspheric lenses are rarely seen on the market because it is very expensive to grind glass spheres, which is a compelling technical indicator of aspheric lenses.

    In general, we can use resolution and edge sharpness to distinguish megapixel lenses from normal analog lenses. For surveillance lens technology, aspheric lens can maintain high resolution in addition to clear center. According to industry introduction, these adopt optical design and ultra-low dispersion lens.

    Generally speaking, lens manufacturers focus on three areas: sharpness, lighting and image. For the user, this is also the three aspects and test their performance criteria. Because of its complex materials and equipment, megapixel lenses require rigorous assembly processes and quality-control procedures.

    How to choose hd popular surveillance camera?

    Security industry because of the prevalence of HD, more users focus on image quality. When choosing a product, should consider the comprehensive coefficient of the product, and not only pay attention to the stability of the product, in addition to foreign Tenglong lens, domestic lens price is relatively lower, users also need to pay more attention to the purchase.

    Therefore, to achieve better image quality, surveillance cameras are of course essential; Especially in the current hd video quality premise, to reduce the cost of monitoring system, to control the bandwidth and storage capacity, details can not be missed.

    First, megapixel lenses still face more challenges. In terms of design, the assembly process is much higher than ordinary lenses. However, the unique aspheric megapixel lens structure plays a vital role in bringing true HD to an extreme.

    So far, when it comes to network monitoring, full HD has implemented devices from the front end to the back end, and HD-SDI has also found solutions on the front end and back end. Megapixel hd lens matching technology has been relatively mature, the realization of true HD should be within reach.

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