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Security monitoring: industry integration advantages and new development trends


    The year of 2014 has been a bittersweet year for security. On the one hand, the competition is fierce and the industry reshuffle is intensified. On the other hand, with the development of smart cities and big data applications, security has entered a new stage.

    Security and monitoring industry integration advantages

    1. Security monitoring is a rigid requirement

    The strong growth of domestic security market is mainly due to the rigid demand of continuous growth in absolute quantity. First of all, the country is accelerating the pace of urbanization construction. Some old blocks and towns are gradually installing monitoring equipment and incorporating it into the digital urban video monitoring system. Secondly, the construction of large-scale urban infrastructure facilities mainly based on transportation is still going on. In addition, the real estate market is still hot, which has become a strong support for the sustained strong demand of the security market. Finally, all provinces and cities actively advocate the construction of "safe cities" and "Internet of things", which also makes security equipment of great use. Industry experts pointed out that compared with the foreign nearly saturated market, China's security monitoring market in the next 10 years will be in a golden period of development, the market potential is huge.

    In the huge domestic security market, video surveillance, burglar alarm output value and sales account for nearly 70 percent of the entire industry. This is thanks to strong government procurement, factories, mines and schools, industrial applications, and super-fast growth in transportation. In these fields, there is a huge demand for the procurement and configuration of security equipment for video surveillance and burglar alarms. Due to the improvement of the video surveillance network system from analog upgrading to digital HD and the improvement of the requirements of video capture surveillance management, customers' demands for the clarity of surveillance video images and images have also been greatly improved. At present, 1080P resolution has become the "standard" of many security procurement and application customers.

    For ordinary people, the most intuitive feeling is that no matter traffic accidents or community monitoring video call, is no longer "shadowy" and "beyond recognition", image clarity has been greatly improved. It is self-evident that this will enhance people's sense of security and enhance the deterrent power of comprehensive governance of public security. However, behind this kind of high-intensity UHD video surveillance, it must rely on a comprehensive overall solution. From the front end to the data transmission and storage, no link can be dropped.

    2. Industrial consolidation is the trend

    In any developed industry, horizontal integration is not only necessary, but also an inevitable trend. In the industry, enterprises with different divisions of labor seem to only need to care about themselves, but in fact, from the perspective of the overall industry, each division of labor is inseparable from the overall level of improvement. A striking example is that the key to determining the capacity of a barrel is not the longest board but the shortest. So, how do you avoid shortfalls? The answer is horizontal alignment and internal coordination.

    The same is true in security monitoring. Companies that are good at project integration may not know which cameras are good for night-time surveillance or which dedicated hard drives are better for monitoring. After all, monitoring is a relatively special field with very different data storage requirements, and only a specially optimized or customized hard disk for monitoring applications can take on this task. In the same way, neither the camera nor the hard disk manufacturer knows much about the requirements of different areas and what solutions are required. Because of this, communication and collaboration between different enterprises are more important.

    Traditional security and monitoring integrators have the advantages of solutions and accurate grasp of the needs of users in different industries, while IT manufacturers also have irreplaceable advantages in technology, software and hardware products. The original intention of the establishment of security monitoring storage technology innovation industry Alliance is to build a platform, so that the members of the alliance can timely exchange their own advantages, we work together to improve the overall, so that the domestic security monitoring market no longer exists in the short board.

    From two perspectives of efficiency and benefit, security monitoring storage technology innovation industry alliance is in line with the overall development trend. Timely communication can not only give customers more timely response and feedback, but also avoid unnecessary redundant construction and reduce waste. From the above point of view, security monitoring storage technology innovation industry alliance will go more and more wide.

    Analysis of the development trend of security monitoring

    1. Hd is the focus of video surveillance

    Surveillance in modern security is not limited to public places. More and more homes are equipped with video surveillance. And a good picture quality clear security monitoring products can better ensure the safety of people's lives. Security monitoring market hd storm, more HD network security monitoring products such as mushrooming. With the rapid development of security monitoring industry, IP HD monitoring has attracted more and more attention from users. Compared with the traditional security camera, the IP HD high speed ball image sharpness has been significantly improved, and can present more rich picture details. At the same time, IP HD security monitoring and IP HD gun, compared with the hemisphere, in the control, adaptive range has incomparable advantages.

    2. The civil anti-theft alarm market is larger

    All the time, burglar alarm is an important tool in security equipment. Structurally, burglar alarm and video surveillance are almost indispensable to each other. Therefore, in the practical application, the role of anti-theft alarm is also destined not to be underestimated by users.

    However, it is such an important tool that has many reasons to go hand in hand with security monitoring equipment, but in many cases it has encountered Waterloo in the application market. Although with the continuous improvement of the application of alarm equipment, the concept of intelligence and systemization is deepening step by step. However, the partial unbalanced development of the security industry still exists. That is the huge vacancy in the anti-theft alarm industry in comparison with video surveillance applications, which leads to the huge civil anti-theft market.

    3. Access control intercom needs to be networked

    The access control market, which has been declining in the past, has begun to gain new vitality in the past two years. As Asian countries continue to pursue the latest technologies and the rapid growth of smart cards, the Americas have introduced software as a service and network access control systems. The global access control market is expected to reach US$2 billion this year.

    The network access control can be connected to the remote configuration or through an independent Internet access control intranet. It is more convenient and more affordable for small businesses to use network access control for access control. The market can continue to see the influx of SaaS and network access control.

    4. Network access control drives security

    The network access control system will continue to gain market recognition, especially in those "install and use" projects in the Americas. Suppliers that provide flexible solutions and adaptability in the long-term are likely to benefit from the benefits of market recovery and attract users' attention.

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