Fortek has launched a new aspheric cylindrical lens lapping technology. Achieves excellent effects that cannot be achieved by ordinary cylindrical lens. Cylindrical lens is mainly used to change the design requirements of imaging size. Nowadays, the requirements for cylindrical lens parts are getting higher and higher, especially in high-precision testing instruments and devices such as the cavity plate of high-power laser resonator and long-distance line interferometer.

Ordinary cylindrical lens can be manufactured using traditional polishing methods. But aspherical cylindrical lens need to use a multi-axis single-point diamond lathe for ultra-precision turning, and the finished product is very difficult.

The aspheric cylindrical lens lapping technology independently developed by FOCtek can customize different aspheric cylindrical lens according to customer needs.FOCtek's creative non-spherical cylindrical surface type detection technology breaks through the difficulty of not being able to calibrate the surface type after product production.


Common Specifications


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Surface Quality


6×6mm ~

RMS <0.3μm




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