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Warm congratulations on the 8th anniversary of FOCtek Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.



    On November 20, 2009, we celebrated FOCtek’s 8th birthday. In FOCtek's 8 years of growth, every step of growth is the hard work and sweat of all FOCtek employees. Watching the saplings that they carefully watered gradually grow up, the hearts of the employees are both happy and moved.

    On this meaningful day, all FOCtek employees hand in hand to visit the new plant in the second phase of Tieling Industrial Zone, Minhou County. Although it was cold and windy on this day, looking at the blueprint of the company’s new plant and the towering building standing in front of them, FOCtek employees immediately felt warmth, and their faces overflowed with bright, confident smiles. Such smiles came from The expectation and confidence of the company's future development.

    At the factory celebration celebration, everyone gathered together to review the ups and downs and brilliant achievements the company has experienced in the past eight years. At the meeting, the chairman expressed his deep gratitude to the employees for their contributions over the years. He hopes that everyone can continue to face difficulties in the adversity of the financial crisis, advance and retreat together, and together draw up a better blueprint for FOCtek in the future, and promised FOCtek's future One year will be a breakthrough year.

    On November 20, 2009, every corner of Minhou Litchi Garden was filled with laughter, because on this day, all FOCtek employees gathered here to spend FOCtek’s own festival together. In the square, FOCtek’s annual tug-of-war competition kicked off again amidst the shouts. Everyone held their breath and waited anxiously for the order. As a whistle sounded, both ends of a long rope were dragged back and forth. The players cheered up and used their full strength. The cheerleaders off the field were not to be outdone. They tried their best to cheer for the players. The sound of cheering broke the tranquility of the entire garden, and the scene was shocked. At this moment, this long rope seemed to tie everyone's hearts together, and the cohesive strength and shocking scene moved everyone present.

    In the bowling alley, badminton court, table tennis hall, billiard hall, KTV, everyone has fun and enjoys their own happiness.

    At the dinner, everyone sat around and shared delicious food, chatting and laughing. In addition to the sumptuous dinner, the company also carefully prepared a pie event, and the event prizes were even more impressive. With bursts of cheers and applause, champions, runner-ups, and flower explorations were successively produced. When the winner received the prize from the general manager, he also received a bottle of happy dessert wine. Applause immediately burst out and everyone stood up and congratulated the lucky one.

    Happy time always flies quickly. With the end of the dinner, FOCtek's 8th birthday celebration also ended successfully. The industrious and simple FOCtek people will continue to devote themselves to the intense work. I believe that in the next year, FOCtek will achieve better results and prepare for the celebration next year.


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