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Sham lens: The miracle of the horizon that subverts the perspective of photography



In some special industrial applications, limited by space or the characteristics of the measured object, tilt shooting is required. However, the traditional oblique shooting method is not ideal, because the working distance of the lens from near to far in the whole area of the measured object is not consistent, resulting in a clear image of the full field of vision. The appearance of Sham lens solves this problem perfectly.

Normal lens imaging (remote image cannot be clearly imaged)    Shamu lens imaging (full-field clear imaging)

1.Sham imaging

Shamu imaging is to enlarge the depth of field and tilt the focal plane. According to Sham's law, it can be clearly imitated from near to far. Schalm's law was first discovered by the Austrian officer Schalm, which means that when the extension plane of the camera plane, the image plane, and the lens plane intersect in a straight line, a comprehensive and clear image can be obtained.
General optical imaging          Sham imaging
Sham's theorem is a set of equations describing the relationship between aberrations in optical imaging systems. Its main function is to evaluate whether optical systems (such as lenses) can accurately transmit image information and explore the causes of aberrations. In Sham's theorem, magnification, field curvature and distortion play a key role, and the relationship between them directly affects the imaging performance of optical systems. In order to ensure the imaging quality of the Shamu lens to reach the expected level, it is necessary to follow the Shamu theorem to ensure the Shamu Angle.
Among them: r lens Angle; χis the magnification.

2.Sham lens

As a unique tool to innovate the photographic perspective, Shamu lens has shown great potential in architectural photography, product photography, macro photography and other fields. Its oblique shooting method successfully solves the problem of perspective distortion, so that the building presents a true, natural appearance, and the Shamu lens makes it easy for photographers to deal with complex shooting scenes and capture the best picture results. In architectural photography, Sham lens has successfully solved the problem of perspective distortion and improved the authenticity and naturalness of architectural photos. In areas such as advertising photography and machine vision, Shamu lenses also play an important role. Industrial Shamu lens has a wide range of applications in 3D inspection, machine vision, industrial photography and other fields. With high-precision imaging, large depth of field and adaptability, Shamu lenses provide engineers and technicians with efficient and accurate solutions in a wide range of industrial applications. Whether for photographic art or industrial applications, Shamu lenses offer photographers and engineers more surprises and possibilities with their unique advantages.
1. 3D inspection and measurement: Industrial Shamu lens is widely used in automatic optical inspection (AOI), automatic X-ray inspection (SPI), automotive parts, electronic semiconductor manufacturing and other fields. Oblique shooting technology makes it possible to achieve a clear image of the full field of view, and even to extend the depth of field without sacrificing the amount of light.
2. Machine vision: Industrial Shamu lens has important applications in machine vision systems, which can realize high-precision imaging and analysis of objects. It is widely used in automatic production line, quality inspection, size measurement and other fields.
3. Reverse engineering: In the field of reverse engineering, industrial Shamu lenses can shoot and analyze objects with high precision, providing important reference information for product design and improvement.
4. Scientific research and education: Industrial Shams lens also has certain applications in the field of scientific research and education, such as high-precision imaging of biological samples, minerals, etc., to assist researchers in observation and analysis.

 3.FOCtek's Sham shot

The typical parameters of FOCtek's Shamu lens are as follows

The comparison of measured results is shown below

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