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Concentric pursuit of dreams, shining - FOCtek2023 annual summary and commendation Conference succes



Concentric pursuit of dreams, shining - FOCtek2023 annual summary and commendation Conference successfully concluded



Farewell to the extraordinary 2023

We have ushered in

A challenging 2024

Let's take a look back at the past with a celebration

Light the future in love

February 5, 2024

FOCtek Photonics,Inc.

All hands on deck

Min Yue water town together with the grand event





Commendation summary meeting


"Pursuing dreams with one heart, shining brightly" is not only the core theme of our annual meeting, but also the common aspiration and pursuit of our team.

         Ms. Guo Shaoqin, General Manager, made a comprehensive summary of the Group's development in the past year in view of the key dimensions of 2023 business results, innovation highlights, future layout, customer achievements and employee development, and put forward a visionary outlook for the future strategic deployment.

      From all over the world, we gathered together to review the glory and hard work of the past year and look forward to the opportunities and challenges in the future.

General Manager Ms. Guo Shaoqin makes the annual summary report


Recognition and award

          At the annual celebration, the company honored outstanding individuals and teams. They adhere to the core values of the company with practical behavior, achieve excellent performance and show extraordinary spiritual outlook. They are a model for all colleagues to learn, but also the company's precious wealth.


Outstanding employee Award


Technological Progress Award



Sales Elite Award



Excellent manager Award



Lean Improvement Award



Founder, 20 years of merit award



Chairman's speech 


Chairman Mr. Luo Jianfeng summed up his speech


Raise your glasses to celebrate and celebrate


The chairman and management team opened the table with a toast


Show every year

This year is more exciting

Versatile TOCtek people carefully prepared

Rehearse hard

It brings us a feast of sight and sound

Invited band, dancers

Let's celebrate the event and show the splendor of the world


Opening dance "Dragon Drum"

"The Shepherd of Keketohai" by Huang Jiabin

The band sings "Do You Wanna Dance?" "Tale of a Small Town."

The band sang "In Love" and "super star."

Dance performance "Ancient Lamp Dream"

Dance performance "Kung Fu Fan"



Dragonhang Da Da · Good luck


The annual meeting is so happy.

Festive time

What about the lottery

This is the "soul" of the annual meeting

Who won the awards this year?



Wei Dequan, General Manager of FOCtek Precision Division

Fourth prize draw. - Wall breaker

FOCtek directors Lin Changfu and Wu Xiuyong

Third prize draw - Pressure cooker

Huang Muwang, chief engineer of FOCtek

Draw second prize - the Nut projector

Guo Shaoqin, general manager of FOCtek

First prize - Huawei Watch

Luo Jianfeng, chairman of FOCtek

Grand Prize - Huawei mobile phone and iPhone


Luo Jianfeng, chairman of FOCtek, added 30 copies of "Fu"


Grand meeting

Always wanting more

FOCtek's New Year's Meeting

It ends in joy

Wish you all in advance

Happy New Year

Happy family!

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