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Ride the light, pilot the future|SPIE Photonics West 2024



Ride the light, pilot the future|SPIE Photonics West 2024

On February 1, 2024, the Western Optoelectronics Exhibition came to a successful end in San Francisco! As the world's largest optoelectronics exhibition, SPIE Photonics West 2024 has attracted more than 1,500 professional optoelectronics companies from around the world to participate in the exhibition, while more than 24,000 professional visitors to visit the site.

At Photonics West 2024, FOCtek unveiled its portfolio of precision optical components and optical lenses, covering applications such as semiconductor device optics, biomedical, and industrial lasers. As a leading optical solutions provider, FOCtek provides customers with one-stop optical solutions by virtue of its professional R&D, design, production and manufacturing capabilities. Our capabilities cover optical system design, traditional cold processing, advanced optical coating, aspherical processing and precision lens assembly. Work together with partners to discuss cooperation and seek business opportunities; FOCtek is committed to being your one-stop optical solution provider.


FOCtek's new products have attracted much attention from new and old customers at overseas exhibitions

The FOCtek microscope objective is designed with an infinite conjugated optical system and has strict quality control. Wide spectrum design, large wavelength coverage, high resolution perfect color correction, ultra-long parfocal long working distance and other advantages, there are a number of standard products to choose from, while providing customized services for customers' special requirements

FOCtek's latest 3D 4K hardtube endoscope, with excellent optical design, and after many iterations of the structure and process, the comprehensive performance has reached the industry-leading level, with 3D binocular ultra-high definition, wide-angle optical fiber lighting, while using an integrated multi-function integrated design, with high resolution real-time high-definition image transmission capability. The matching endoscopic lens adopts the industry's first full-zoom optical design, has full-focus HD, and the light transmission is better than similar products on the market, and has been widely recognized by many customers. FOCtek's endoscopes and endoscopic optics are widely used in medical imaging diagnosis and surgical assistance.

After years of research and development, FOCtek has developed grating with high diffraction efficiency based on the new diffraction optical platform established by FOCtek. The advanced grating process adopted by FOCTEK is especially suitable for the high-quality, stable and efficient production of mass grating, and the products are widely used in biomedicine, optical communication, precision testing instruments and other fields.


Forge ahead and continue to be brilliant



  The successful conclusion of SPIE Photonics West 2024 has witnessed FOCtek's firm pace in the field of optics. We will continue to forge ahead, increase investment in research and development, cultivate outstanding talents, and take innovation as the driving force to show you more wonderful optical results.
  January 28-30, 2025, San Francisco, see you!




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