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Cohesion, create Excellence-FOCtek is moving forward


Following the success of the"Lean management-cost reduction and efficiency enhancement" special training held in March, more than 80 FOCtek trainees once again gathered in the beautiful Minyue water town, under the leadership of an international registered trainer, successfully completed the one-day "Management by objectives and plan implementation" training.

At the training site, Mr.Zhang taught the importance of management by objectives, the nine-word resolution of efficient work, through classroom lectures, case studies, on-site exercises and group discussions, the content of setting goals, pursuing process and getting results will help students to consolidate the theoretical foundation, enhance their management by objectives and plan implementation ability. Training is still full of dry goods, students are still benefiting!

Effective management by objectives and execution of plans are the premise and one of the key factors of enterprise strategy implementation, the goal and the plan management“Ignites the power, the establishment goal, the establishment strategy, the decomposition plan, the communication coordination, the inspection track, the reward punishment” seven steps to carry out the enterprise each management service; Taking the idea of management by objectives as the guidance, taking problems as the grasp, taking results as the reward and punishment, integrating the idea of management by objectives and plans into the whole process of enterprise management, ensuring the effective implementation of enterprise strategy, strengthen the core competitiveness of enterprises for the sustainable development of enterprises to win new impetus and support.

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