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FOCtek Optoelectronics Seventh Anniversary Celebration


    On November 22, 2008, the bright sunshine shining on the faces of FOCtek people seemed particularly brilliant, because on this day, we ushered in FOCtek’s seventh birthday. Everyone dressed up and brought their family members to the pleasant Liyuan Resort to celebrate their holiday.

Lens one     celebration meeting

    The long-awaited celebration conference has brought all the employees closer together. Everyone gathers together to look back on the pain and joy of seven years of entrepreneurship. The FOCtek people sing songs all the way through ups and downs. At the celebration meeting, the chairman and general manager injected confidence into the FOCtek people who have also been affected by the global economic crisis. In this unusual winter, everyone's faces are still filled with confidence and a little stronger.

Lens two     tug of war

    Tug-of-war is a traditional event of FOCtek's factory celebration. Just like the company's corporate spirit of "Unity and Struggle", everyone can experience the touch of concerted efforts in the event.


 Lens three    sports activities

    FOCtek people who work ecstatically play like crazy. Basketball, bowling, table tennis, badminton, billiards... Every year there are always a group of experts in sports activities. Everyone is amazed that the introverted Fordko people have always been hidden.

Lens Four    Dinner

    The entire FOCtek team brings the family together to taste delicious, talking and laughing. It is an exciting thing in itself, not to mention that today’s dinner is also arranged for an exciting pie contest! The piles of prizes made everyone present eager to try. The champion, the second place, and the search for flowers...have been produced one after another, and bursts of cheers pushed the dinner to a climax when the little girl on the C-LENS line threw a dice Long's jubilation, of course, became the biggest champion in the field and received an enviable prize from the chairman. 



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