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With light as the wing, driving brilliant | FOCtek shine Intertraffic Amsterdam 2024



With light as the wing, driving brilliant | FOCtek shine Intertraffic Amsterdam 2024 


      On April 19, 2024, the Netherlands Intelligent Transportation Show ended successfully at the Amsterdam Convention Center! As one of the world's most authoritative international fairs in the field of intelligent transportation, Intertraffic Amsterdam 2024 has attracted more than 900 professional optoelectronic enterprises from around the world to participate in the exhibition, while more than 35,000 professional visitors to visit the site.  

      During the Intertraffic Amsterdam, FOCtek presented its innovation achievements in precision optical components and optical lenses at Booth 05.445, covering intelligent transportation, security monitoring, biomedical, smart city and other fields. As a leading optical solutions provider, FOCtek provides customers with one-stop optical solutions based on its professional R&D, design, production and manufacturing capabilities. Our capabilities cover optical system design, traditional cold processing, optical film preparation, aspherical composite processing and precision lens assembly. Work together with partners to discuss cooperation and seek business opportunities; FOCtek - dedicated to be your one-stop optical solution provider.  



FOCtek new products appear at overseas exhibitions  


New and old customers attention





ITS Lens



FOCtek intelligent traffic lens adopts wide spectrum design, has excellent dispersion control and infrared confocal capability, has excellent high and low temperature performance and high resolution; Widely used in intelligent transportation, ANPR/LPR, smart city, all-weather security monitoring and other fields.




Zoom lens 



FOCtek zoom lenses adopt a patented optical design technology solution, with excellent dispersion control and ultra-low distortion, excellent dispersion control and high resolution; Products are widely used in bayonet speed measurement, license plate recognition, industrial detection, machine vision, scientific research and other fields.




Special lens 




FOCtek's specialty lenses cover the full spectral range from 250nm to 14μm, using special optical structural designs, unique optical materials, and advanced optical components such as liquid lenses. Various types of optical systems can be customized according to the special needs of customers, and the products have stronger performance and can be applied to various special scenarios, such as security monitoring, biomedical, scientific research and other scenarios.




Machine vision lens 



FOCtek's machine vision lenses use advanced optical design and manufacturing technology to capture high definition, high precision graphic information. It is characterized by low distortion and low distortion. Products are widely used in industrial automation, advanced manufacturing, biomedical and other fields.



Endoscopic lenses and optics


FOCtek the latest launch of 3D 4K hard tube endoscope, with excellent optical design, and after many iterations of the structure and process, the comprehensive performance has reached the industry-leading level, with 3D binocular ultra-high definition, wide-angle optical fiber lighting, while using an integrated multi-function integrated design, with high resolution real-time high-definition image transmission capability. The matching endoscopic lens adopts the industry's first full-zoom optical design, has full-focus HD, and the light transmission is better than similar products on the market, and has been widely recognized by many customers. FOCtek's endoscopes and endoscopic optics are widely used in medical imaging diagnosis and surgical assistance.


Forge ahead and continue to be brilliant



The successful conclusion of the Netherlands Intelligent Transportation Show is not only a brilliant witness of FOCtek's solid steps in the field of optics, but also a brilliant demonstration of our firm belief in climbing the peak of science and technology and pursuing excellent quality. Looking forward to the future, we will unswervingly deepen R&D investment, actively incubate industry elites, take innovation as an inexhaustible driving force, and lead the leap development of optical technology.
March 10-13, 2026, Netherlands, see you!







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