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Pioneering and innovative, light to the future | FOCtek Co shine 2023 Shenzhen An Expo



Pioneering and innovative, light to the future | FOCtek Co shine 2023 Shenzhen An Expo

       On October 28, 2023, the 19th Shenzhen International Security Fair ended successfully! With the theme of "Connecting the World, Sensing the Future", the Expo covers an area of 110,000 square meters. More than 1,100 enterprises participated in the exhibition, involving AI, big data, cloud computing, 5G and other technologies, more than 60,000 kinds of digital city industrial products were unveiled, and more than 130,000 professional visitors from home and abroad came to the scene to participate in the event.

       During the CPSE2023 exhibition, the FOCtek team brought optical components and lens innovations such as vehicle optics, biomedicine, machine vision, intelligent transportation, and special lenses to the "No. 1 Digital City Pavilion". The company's products serve a wide range of advanced equipment manufacturing, scientific instruments, video surveillance, automotive, medical, scientific research institutes and other industries. With customer needs as the core, FOCtek actively seeks partners, explores cooperation opportunities and seeks common development, and is committed to providing customers with one-stop optical solutions.

 Technology iteration, product upgrade

       The micro objective lens of FOCtek is designed with infinite conjugated optical system, which has the advantages of wide spectrum design, high resolution, perfect color correction and ultra-long parfocal working distance. FOCtek's endoscope adopts 3D binocular vision technology, high resolution real-time image transmission, cost-effective; Widely used in biomedicine, industrial testing and other fields.
       FOCtek intelligent traffic lens adopts a wide spectrum design, has excellent dispersion control and infrared confocal capability, has excellent high and low temperature performance and high resolution; Widely used in intelligent transportation, smart city, all-weather security monitoring and other fields.
       FOCtek's zoom lenses feature patented optical design technology solutions with excellent dispersion control and ultra-low distortion, excellent dispersion control and high resolution; Products are widely used in industrial testing, machine vision, scientific research and other fields.
       FOCtek's specialty lenses cover the full spectral range from 250nm to 14μm, using special optical structural designs, unique optical materials, and advanced optical components such as liquid lenses. Various types of optical systems can be customized according to the special needs of customers, and the products have stronger performance and can be applied to various special scenarios, such as security monitoring, biomedical, scientific research and other scenarios.
       FOCtek has a full range of aspherical processing capabilities, including CNC milling and polishing, single point diamond turning, glass precision molding and other ultra-precision processing technology, can choose the best technical solutions according to customer needs. Aspherical lens, non-spherical cylindrical mirror, off-axis mirror, free-form surface, binary surface and other products are widely used in industrial laser, optical precision measurement and imaging lenses.

Liquid lens - live shot

       During the exhibition, FOCtek Co showed the real shooting records of liquid lenses, attracting many professional visitors to stop to visit and consult. With a multi-module design, FOCtek's liquid lenses allow for strict quality control, zoom speeds of up to milliseconds, and offer high resolution, wear resistance, compactness and low cost. Products are widely used in industrial testing, aerospace, virtual reality, biomedicine and other fields. In addition, our company has accumulated some experience in the driving and algorithm application of liquid lenses, and can cooperate with customers in the research and development of liquid lens projects from the optical and software aspects.

Forge ahead and continue to be brilliant 


The 19th Shenzhen International Security Expo came to a brilliant end, FOCtek Co, as a leading enterprise in the optical industry, has fully demonstrated its research and development strength in the field of optical product development, continuous innovation, and continued to lead the development of new technologies in the industry. Facing the future, we will continue to increase investment in research and development, recruit talents, take scientific and technological innovation as the driving force, and continue to show customers the industry's leading optical technology and products.

2025, Shenzhen, goodbye!


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