Welcome to Foctek Photonics, Inc.
Foctek Founded on Nov. 18 2002, Foctek Photonics, Inc. is located in Fuzhou Fujian, a beautiful coast city of South China. As a professional manufacturer of Optical and crystal Components, Foctek supplies Quality Products including High Precision Prism, Lens, Filter, Window, Beamsplitter, Mirror, Quartz Waveplate, Polarizer, Depolarizer, Polarization Beamsplitter, Micro Optics, Laser Crystals and NLO Crystals and Magneto-Optical Material, etc.

Automotive Camera Lens

NEW automotive camera lens, very short TTL and large FOV. For 1/3", 1/3.7" and 1/4" CCD/CMOS. Could be used in automotive front view, rear view, side view, far view, and 360° view system.

F1.2 Starlight Lens

F1.2, F1.4, F1.8 Up to 10MP Resolution For 2/3",1",4/3" CCD and CMOS Used in Intelligent tranSportation System Large Apeture, F1.2 for low Lux ITS Camera

Mega Pixel lenses

High pixel ! High contrast !

High Power PBS

High Damage Threshold: 15J/cm2 @ 1064nm 20ns, 20Hz for Narrowband 10J/cm2 @ 1064nm 20ns, 20Hz for Broadband

RGB Prism(Philip Prism)

Foctek has developed the unique thin air-space (8um+/-2um) cementing technique for this prism, which allows Foctek to custom-made high precision Philips Prism for the customers.

Photonics West 2019 –New


Booth: North D,#5149

Location:The MosconeCenter, San Francisco, California, USA

Date: 2019.02.05-02.07

Laser World of Photonics China 2019-New

Booth: Hall W4,#4462

Location: Shanghai, China 

Date: 2019.3.20-3.22

Photonics West 2018 –Closed

 Booth: North Hall D,#5134

Location:The MosconeCenter, San Francisco, California, USA 
Date: 2018.01.30-2018.02.01

Laser World of Photonics China 2018 –Closed

 Booth: Hall W4,#4458

Location: Shanghai, China 
Date: 2018.03.14-03.16