Optical Assemblies

Optical Assemblies

Optical Assemblies


Foctek has strong capabilities in Optical Design, Mechanical Design and Optical Assembly. With integrated   optical and mechanical design, fabrication, assembly, advanced metrology, more than 10 years' optical cementing experiences and 6 years' optical assembly experiences, Foctek is not only providing the advanced optical assemblies according to customer's design, but also provide the design services for our customer.  

      ODM, OEM

  • Optical Assembly Design And Manufacture  service
  • Optical Lens Design Service
  • Custom-Made Lens

Trioptics ImageMaster MTF Measurer

  • Full FOV MTF measuring
  • Range: 450-950nm
  • EFL, FFL measuring
  • Distortion measuring
  • Field Curvature  measuring
  • Astigmatism measuring
  • Chromatic Aberration measuring



Trioptics ImageMasterMTF Measurer


1. Refer to "Neusion Lens" Catalog for Standard CCTV Lenses & Machine Vision Lenses.
2. Refer to" Automotive Camera Lenses" Catalog for Automotive Camera Lenses.
3. Visit
www.neusion-lens.com for CCTV Lenses & Machine Vision Lenses, Automotive Camera Lenses