Corporation Profile

Corporation Profile

Located in Fuzhou, a coastal city in South East China, FOCtek has become one of China’s leading manufacturers of optical components, crystal components and optical assemblies. Founded in 2002, FOCtek has had a strong and steady growth that has lead us to today’s staff of over 700 comprised of a very skilled team of fabricators, mechanical engineers, process engineers, optical engineers and coating designers.

 Our manufacturing capabilities consist of all types of custom manufactured lens, Beam Splitters, Polarizing Optics, Prisms, Filters, Coatings, Optical Systems, Optical Assemblies and Optical Systems Solutions, Laser Crystals, NLO Crystals. The products are widely used in non-contact inspection, medical, automation, precision instruments, automotive,  semiconductor, micro-measuring systems, Biometric System, Surveying Equipments,Security,CCTV,and Machine Vision .


 Sales have been Global since the first year in operation. Europe, North America, Japan and Korea are a few of the current customer base areas we supply.Dependable quality, delivery and competitive pricing has partnered FOCtek with many well establish World Famous Enterprises such as, TRUMPF, Magna Mirror, Thorlabs, ABB, EXFO Electro-Optical Engineering Inc., Nova Measuring Instruments Limited, Litron Laser, Renishaw and so on.

FOCtek owns facility of 17,500 square meters designed to meet our present and future needs. Included within this space is a2000 square meter clean room for our  coating center, metrology lab ,lens assembly and special fabrication needs.

FOCtek always pay highest attention on product quality and production capacity. Ouradvanced production equipment and metrology instrument. Our advanced fabricating equipments include Spherical Milling Machines, CNC Plano Milling Machines, Precision Polishing Machines, High Speed Polishing Machine,CNC Profiling Machines, LEYBOLD Vacuum Coaters,Optorun coaters and Ultrasonic Cleaning Lines.

Quality is first for FOCtek as it should be in all companies. Quality has been the key to our success and it always will be. Foctek has the most advanced metrology instruments, include ZYGO GPI Interferometers, 3D digital CMM, Trioptics OptoSpheric Lens measurement system, Trioptics Prism Master .5” Angle measurer, Lambda 950 Spectrophotometer. Trioptics Image Master MTF Measurer.With these advanced metrology instrument and impeccable quality assurance system, FOCtek was ISO9001 ,ISO14001and ISO/TS:16949 certified with SGS .

FOCtek has always been Modern Enterprise Management oriented. Continuing study, concept changing, and management innovation is leading the development of FOCtek. FOCtek established and runs self-developed enterprise management system ERP, which is completely used in sales, purchasing, production, quality control, shipping and financing. The running of ERP system ensures the high efficiency of management and production, as well as the quality traceability.

As a company, Foctek is committed to growth and development. Our cooperative relationship with Local Universities and research centers, such as Fujian Normal University, Fuzhou University and Fujian Optical technology research Institute, enhances our Engineering and R&D techniques. The co-established Joint Laboratory of optical technology between FOCtek and Fujian Normal University supports FOCtek with new project and technique research and development. Foctek was awarded the “Hi-tech Manufacturer” by the Fujian province. FOCtek also owns several patents in Polarization Optics, Optical technologies and Optical System.

FOCtek is committed to deliver customers with Quality Products, On-time Delivery, competitive pricing and 100% Customer Satisfaction. Foctek focuses on producing high precision optical components, Improving Customers ' Satisfaction, and Maximizing Value of optics to Customers. The goal at FOCtek is to be your first choice of partner supplier of optical components.